Drive-Through Testing

PCR test with Travel Certificate China - 2x reagent specified and 2x different laboratories - approved

godkänt pcr test

Approved RT-PCR test for China. Approved RT-PCR test with 2x reagent and different laboratories for China travel. Take another test with us, both within 48 hours of flight but 24 hours between tests. 

Läkares signatu

Signed by a licensed physician. Signed by a medical doctor.


Approved for China rules, you need 2x PCR within 24 hours of eachother but maximim 48 hours before flight. We use different laboratories and reagents.

digialt reseintyg

Digital results to your email and also paper if you want. you choose.

Safe and approved with different laboratories. 

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20% Discount on PCR test 2

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Lisa Payne

​Excellent service from start to finish- I would highly recommend using this company as I found them to be very professional.
I used this company for an urgent lateral flow test needed to travel.